Who are we?

RELIVING EVERY DREAM pictures Pty Ltd (R.E.D pictures) is a holistic photo-video design agency based in Johannesburg. We provide end-to-end video-photo services – both creative and commercial – to corporate business, brands and individuals.

Our Mission

Our aim is to render out pictures fats, affordably with high quality and grace that goes beyond roi.

Our Values and Culture

People first, Work Later. We believe in the core South African values of Ubuntu .
We put the people we do business with first! Our crew and management team spirit is of humility,
respect, reliability, agility and accountability. We are a diverse community of creatives and business
managers. Sincerely passionate to making difference by leveraging our skills.

Our workflows are customisable for all of our clients’ needs and budget. We are an agile company with increased efficiency, committed to lower costs and improved return on investment.

Our company is new and modern, not a machine but a living organism, growing daily like a person, formed by a collective identity of our people (crew & management).

More than just a typical video production service, we are a photo-video design agency. We see video and photographs in design principles of “form follows function”. Our video creation process is overly dictated by these design principles. For us, the audience which the work is intended, is more important than the work itself. So, tremendous audience research is performed, conceptual frameworks developed, and methodologies applied, to create effective and engaging photo-video solutions. This is what we bring to the table, a unique way of looking, a different approach to your idea or vision. We re-create, re-define, re-imagine, re-tell your story on screen. We are “RELIVING EVERY DREAM” through the pictures. Our case is that, Client vision + our Crew’s well-informed direction = Innovative pictures that’s touches and engages the audience deeper.